SC Strategic Plan

AAUW of South Carolina Strategic Plan 2019

MISSION -To advance gender equity for women and girls through research,education, and advocacyVISION -Equity for allVALUES: Nonpartisan, Fact-based, Integrity, Inclusion and Intersectionality


    • Hold Title IX programs with invitation to community to educate about the breadth of the Title IX initiatives
    • Plan STEM awareness, promotion and/or events
    • Advocate for quality public education and full funding for SC public schools


    • Support passing the ERA Bill after its’ introduction to the SC Legislature
      •  Visit legislators in their home office to lobby for their support
      •  Write letters to the editor. AAUW website has template
      •  Hold a branch programs about the ERA.
      •  Visit legislators in session, call them out, to voice AAUW support andask for their support
      •  Network with other state and national organizations focused onpassing the ERA
    •  Support passing the Pay Equity Bill after its’ introduction to the SC Legislature
    •  Hold Equal Pay Day Events across the state
    •  Train 1000 (national goal is 10 million) women in salary negotiations by 2022
      •  Each branch pledges to hold a program on the gender pay gap andrespond with what they can do to support this training (financial,facilitator, host…)
      •  Work with C/U partners to find one or more who will hold a StartSmart Session
      •  State board may offer a grant to branches that will hold a Work Smart Session
      •  Hold an information session to show women how to take the Work Smart class online 

LEADERSHIP – Increase leadership of women for SC

◦ Women running for public offices, boards and commissions. In the 2018mid-term elections AAUW SC had three members running for office: Carol Tempel, Elise Fox and Carol Jackson. As well as members holdingsignificant roles on candidate campaigns. Multiple branches held panel discussions with the candidates for community awareness.

  • Leadership on college campuses. Make the colleges aware of the Elect Her program supported by AAUW. elect-her
  • Establish new branches
  • Collaborate with state-wide organizations and higher education towards mission objectives


  • Support redistricting to enable expanding voting rights and ensuring equitable political participation and representation.
  • Encourage branches to plan mission based programs throughout the year.
  • Maintain state-wide communication
  • Encourage state-wide membership according to bylaws.
  • Initiate a state-wide fundraising campaign support mission-based program or professional development and leadership scholarships
  • Encourage/support branch websites and social media.
  • Encourage all branches to participate in MPP financal services
  • Encourage state leaders to visit and conference with their respectivebranch counterparts
  • Link branches with college/university partners and encourage face to face meetings with their representatives; increase the number of e-affiliate memberships