SC Greater Columbia Branch

Welcome to AAUW Greater Columbia

AAUW Greater Columbia Branch was formed in 1923 by ten Columbia educators including Irene Dillard Elliott who became the first female faculty member at the University of South Carolina. In recent years, our membership that included educators, women in business and philanthropy, medicine, social services, law and elected office had dwindled due to challenges to keep up with technology. And, the branch operations were temporarily suspended.

It is time to revive this branch with new energy! We need young and experienced women who can help us define the purpose of this branch with clarity and vision and, provide leadership to motivate us to thrive in these uncertain political, social and physical world.

If you see yourself as an agent of change, join us. We need you.

Jamie Wurdinger
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Branch Leaders

President and Finance Officer

Jamie Wurdinger, Co-president